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By Cirocco – Music Powers

One of the first people you will need to explore for your lineup is a reputable and knowledgeable entertainment attorney.  This member of your team will normally be your dealmaker and deal breaker.  The entertainment industry is mainly built on relationships and contracts, meaning that many lawyers have very powerful connections, and some know to use those connections, with their experience and skills - to make or break contracts or deals.  And just for the record, you better know that you never sign any contract in the music business without first consulting your attorney.


When asked to sign an agreement
By Ben Mclane Esq. - used by permission

If you are asked to sign anything other than an autograph, you absolutely do need an attorney...period! Too many aspiring creative artists want to get a deal so badly they will sign almost anything that promises them a chance to have a deal. Even successful careers have a relatively short life span, especially in the music and entertainment business. For this reason, it is important for you to get maximum returns in the good years and not sign away your rights to valuable income.
As previously stated, never sign anything without having your own lawyer review it first. Do not rely on anyone else (or even their lawyer) to tell you what your contract says. Your lawyer will "translate" the deal for you and explain to you exactly what you are getting into. Do not let anyone rush you or pressure you into signing any agreement for any reason.

Do Your Research

By Cirocco – Music Powers


Your entertainment attorney must have a very thorough knowledge of today’s industry and deal making trends.  Along with this, he needs to be well connected throughout the entertainment industry. This means that he not only has plenty of industry contacts, but also, and more importantly, makes use of his many industry connections and resources. If the attorney you plan on hiring has been in the music game for a while, he or she more than likely will be able to show you how to make the best deal (more money), and maintain control of your music at the same time.


Seek to find out what types of deals the particular attorney has made… not only in the past, but what type(s) of deals they might presently be negotiating.  Also, if possible, find out what others in the industry have to say about them.

Music Business Contracts

Seeking Counsel

By Wallace Collins Esq & Ben Mclane Esq. – used by permission


When looking for a lawyer, you should not be afraid to interview a few candidates before retaining one. Some lawyers are with large firms but many are solo practitioners. Attorneys have a range of personalities and legal skills and you should seek out a situation where the "vibe" is right.  Although your first contact may be on the telephone, you most likely will have an initial interview for which, if you so request in advance, there is usually no charge. Remember, your lawyer's time is money, so be prepared and be on time for your appointment.


It is not necessary that your lawyer likes or even understands your music. It is more important that you feel he or she is a trustworthy and competent advisor. The lawyer/client relationship is known as a "fiduciary" relationship which means that a lawyer must always act in your best interest and not his or her own …or that of anyone else. Your lawyer is also under a duty to keep your conversations with him confidential. It is often in your best interest that it stays that way.


To find an interested attorney, locate a list of music attorneys, call them, and ask if they will are willing to listen to new material for possible representation. Most attorneys will probably suggest that you send in a demo. If the attorney hears potential, and wants to represent you to labels and publishers (i.e., submit the demo), the lawyer will expect to be compensated.