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Music Producers & Record Production

In recent years, there has been a movement of many new artists trying to skip the idea of hiring a music producer for help. But, if you honestly look at what has to happen musically (and sometimes politically too) to assure the success of a music project, an artist might be asking for self-inflicted failure by trying to do too much, and being too close to their own music to be impartial. In other words, most people that are great producers can usually look at the talent and concept of what has to happen, from a discerning musical, creative, and marketing approach. This is a skill and an art in itself.

Artists need record producers as much as most good actors need good directing. You will most times need that "heads-up" professional to be on the project to assure the music production having a better chance of success. Plus, producers many times deal with everything from writing and creating the idea for the song, to dealing with the human variables of attitudes, emotion, and the atmosphere of working with all of the many different people attached to the project; Managers, A&R, Radio and Club DJs, Musicians, and the actual artist themselves. Note: There is an art to producing, just like there is an art to sampling, DJ scratching, singing, rapping, and playing an instrument. While technology does allow many artists (and non-artists) who never thought that they could make beats and music "sound" pretty good, without having a producer - in truth, most of it is far from being "well-produced", or good enough to release, or to be given a contract where a company's revenue is at stake.

I have witnessed artists, managers and companies get over-involved with the music production side of things, and make decisions to release music that should've never been released. Also, since this is an age where anyone can have their music for sale on online or on iTunes - good or bad, there are hundreds of awful songs and productions being released everyday, along with a lot of money being wasted because some are not realizing the importance of hiring a good record producer.

Overall, if you are an artist, you should highly consider taking the most rational approach to getting your record or demo project completed; meaning that you'll need to find either a reputable and experienced producer, or a hot new, up-and-coming producer that has "reel" evidence of developed skills to make a song sound finished. Or, at least find a producer who will sell you some beats, or license you some great instrumental music tracks to use for your music project.

What is a Producer's Reel?

A Producer's "Reel" is a compilation of snippets or completed songs that is used as "evidence" of what the producer has done to let potential clients; artists and different entertainment companies hear - for work opportunities. This reel is basically a producer's demo reel, and will usually be accompanied by his discography (record & project credentials). This "reel" will usually contain the best of his present and past music projects, all to show a demonstration of their ability; particular sound, and production skills. Of course, if the producer has got some great credibility, and also has current songs on the market, then they might just tell you to get a copy of their latest release at your favorite MP3 download store.


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