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Music Business Professional Pack

The Music Powers - Music Business Professional Pack
for Producers, Artists, Managers, Songwriters, DJs, Studios

Music Industry Business Bundle
The Professional Pack includes:

The Music Powers That Be

- The Award-winning "The Music Powers That Be" eBook v4
Includes "The Business of Selling Beats" for Producers, Beatmakers, DJs, and Studios
One of the best reference guides available for new talent to make better choices to get in the music business, and also succeed in the music industry. Features exclusive “inside” advice from Grammy Winners, and Award-winning, Billboard Hit songwriters, producers, and companies.  Music Powers is also the only book that covers the new music industry trade of Selling & Licensing Tracks & Beats

Music Managers, Booking Agents, Music Attorneys

- The 2013 Music Manager, Booking & Attorney Directory eBook v3
This updated music industry directory has Managers, Attorneys and Agents that represent both new and established talent specializing in Pop, Urban, Dance, Hip-Hop, Rap, Country, Rock, R&B, Gospel, Christian Music, and Jazz. Many of these music industry contacts cannot be found in any other book, Web Search, website or music industry directory

Music Business Contract Template

- 10 Editable Music Business Contract Templates

1. Producer Declaration Contract

2. Songwriters Split-Sheet Agreement

3. Mechanical License Contract

4. Producer Royalty Contract

5. Artist Producer Contract

6. Recording Studio Contract

7. Payment Contract

8. Producer Manager Contract

9. Master Recording License Contract

10. Co Publishing Contract

(Contracts are editable in MS Word DOC format)  

MP24 Access

- Membership/Access to
Music Internship Postings, Music Industry Contacts, Power Attorneys, Labels, A&Rs, Managers, Agents, Music Producers, and more

"Helping Producers, Artists, Indies, Songwriters, and Managers succeed in the music business"

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