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Music Business

The music business or music industry is the trade, money, and commerce side of music. Music generates money by way of selling music, licensing music, publishing, recording, retail and online stores, digital distribution, soundtracks, selling ringtones and music downloads, music for film and TV, video game music, live concerts and touring, radio broadcasts, internet music, podcasts, satellite radio, and much, much more. This provides jobs and careers in the music business for many companies and individuals; talent, musicians, managers, composers, songwriters, record producers, labels, music attorneys, engineers, services, agents, promoters, DJs, radio stations, production companies, retailers, venues, merchandising companies, lighting techs, road crews, and more. The music business also generates money for musical instrument companies, magazines, journalists, and educators. And on the education side, there are schools and instructors that teach music, music production, audio engineering, and music business in schools like Full Sail, SAE, Berklee and many others.

With ever-changing technology and a complete digital revolution taking over most media (especially music), the music industry continues to change for both hopeful and established music industry talent, companies, and executives. The music "game" has now changed from being many strong "big" major record labels, to nowadays just a few giant companies with many subsidiaries. And through easy distribution to iTunes via CD Baby or Tunecore, there are now many, many independent record labels putting out music. At present, the 3 biggest players as far as labels go are Universal, Warner, and Sony. And as far as live music and concerts go, Live Nation is the largest live music promoter and venue holder. Also, Live Nation has interest in talent management. Music Business continued >

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