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The 2012 Management Contact Book

Music Business Consulting

Music business consultants have their own unique specialized services that they offer to their clients. Industry consultants are hired to assist managers, producers, production companies, artists, and labels with various tasks, ranging from everything to A&R counsel, project guidance, artist development, contracts, copyrights, BDS & Mediabase submissions, publishing, clearances, digital distribution administration, song splits - to setting up marketing strategy and help, web promotions, street promotions, connecting with graphic artists and photographers, and/or whatever is actually needed - dependant on the client's goals, requests, and budget. Music consultants may also assist talent; artists and producers with biographies, song selection and research, finding writers, handling some negotiations, scheduling studio and mastering sessions, traveling with artists for performances, public appearances and interviews, social media support, and assisting with live events. As you can see, these are many of the same duties that a personal manager handles. In fact, many management and production companies hire consultants to come in and lend their expertise and experience to work for the company.

For producers and recording artists, when choosing a consultant, try and select one who is knowledgeable, experienced, respectful, has good references, is passionate about what they do, and has a good track record. You want someone who is familiar with business procedures and industry trends when working with management, Indie or major record labels, producers, and attorneys. A well-rounded consultant should have experience dealing with executives, producers, companies, and recording artists with various levels of success. It's also important that the consultant is able to present an objective, balanced and unbiased point of view to their clients.

Payments and pricing for a music business consultant will vary according to their experience, knowledge and reputation in the industry. Pricing will also vary based on the urgency and availability of the consultant at the time of the requested service.  More >>>

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