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with 4x Grammy-winning mix engineer Alvin Speights

Alvin Speights - Mix Engineer / Producer - has won multiple  Grammy Awards; TLC’s Fanmail and for the Acoustic Soul project by India Arie. His mix production magic can also be heard on releases by OutKast, 112, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pretty Ricky, B-5, Goodie Mob, JT Money, Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men, BeBe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Jagged Edge, Monica and many others.  Alvin has also mixed numerous successful movie soundtracks

Alvin Speights Mix Engineer

Alvin Speights Audio Engineer

For the mix to have a strong impact, you can't stack up your instruments and sounds in all of the same frequencies... you have to move things around like a pyramid... so everything can be "in-your-face", and everything can be heard.  Explain to us what you mean by this "like a pyramid" What I'm saying is that, it's like a picture of a pyramid, and everything has its place on that pyramid - Panning, frequencies, processing, and phase.   See, everything can't occupy the same "space"; frequency-wise; color-wise, etc.  This means that where some sound is dominating one frequency... another sound can't.  So either you have to move the sound colorization (frequency) above another sound or below it

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