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Manuel Seal, Jr.
Music Powers Book Advisor on Producing & Songwriting
Also featured as one of the Best Producer - Songwriters inthe Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop Music Industry

Manuel Seal, songwriter and producer extraordinaire, re-emerges on the music scene with the #1 hit singles on Usher - "My Boo", featuring Alicia Keys, and "We belong Together" (Mariah Carey), which he recently won a Grammy, along with Jermaine Dupri. This proves to be the beginning of a long awaited revival for the multi-talented, warrior musician, writer, and producer.

Manuel Seal, Jr., Grammy Winning Songwriter / Producer and 2010 A.S.C.A.P Song Of The Decade recipient. Manuel Seal is known internationally within the music industry for his successful songwriting and production career. By sticking to standard musical formulas and utilizing his extensive musical background, Manuel has been able to catapult the careers and create the sound for many Superstar Artists in the music industry.

Manuel's hit list includes Mary J. Bilge's 2000 Hit - Give Me You, Usher's singles - You Make Me Wanna, Nice n Slow, My Way, My Boo, and Mariah Carey's #1 singles - Always be My Baby, and of course, We Belong Together.

As a songwriter, Manuel Seal has written 5 Platinum Selling Singles - Now that's INCREDIBLE!

After a much-needed hiatus since 2001, Manuel is rejuvenated and is ready to step out bigger and better than before. Even though he is used to working behind the scenes without much limelight, Seal is prepared to create for himself what he has created for other artists. In addition to producing his own project, he is planning the production of a seminar and a music-industry reality television show to be featured on Atlanta Entertainment Network.

Music Powers is honored to have Manuel Seal as one of the many talented Music Industry Heavies to give advice about music production, songwriting and also answer questions about the music business.

Chapter includes:


The “Zone” o Atmosphere & Attitude o Taking Usher To The Top 

Relationships In The Music Biz o Testing Your Music o  The Break o The Will To Succeed o Working With Jermaine Dupri o The Age Factor – It’s Never Too Late o The Triple Threat o The Finisher o Skills & Development o Working With Vocals

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