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Finding The Right Management

How to find a music manager


Finding the right management can be tough. I have done consulting work for both managers and talent, and I have personally and professionally witnessed some things that made me question if I still wanted to be part of the music industry period. That's just how bad some of the situations have been. I have seen managers that didn't know what they were doing, yet were in positions that changed people's lives...many times for the worse. But, in all fairness, I have also seen management "step up" and make great decisions for the artists they represented, and because of those decisions, those artists and producers are having success. But, as I have said, it can be very challenging to find the right candidate.

I think a major factor that new talent needs to be cautious of is the person that comes in and throws money around, makes great promises, and possibly has a few connections with the "right" people, but for the most part, they are not truly experienced in music talent management. They may even represent a few other artists that have somewhat of a presence. But, you as a possible new artist potentially being added to that manager's roster will in actuality not have a clue of what possible "mess" may be going on with the other artists they represent. This happens on all levels of the music industry. I see it happen on local and regional levels, and also with major "wanna-be" players. The deal is this - you want to connect with a manager or management company that works for their artists with a high level of integrity, honesty, and without trying to "pimp" you. You don't want someone telling you to "just sign here" - but not care about if you understand what you are signing. You also need someone in your corner that will take the best deal for the overall situation for you and the overall picture, not just what is best for them.

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The other thing that is of great importance is finding someone that is really compatible with you. This means that they are not surrounding you with people that have energy that is counter-productive to an approach that will help achieve the best results from everyone involved. Grammy-winning super-producer, and songwriter Manuel Seal Jr. speaks on this pertaining to the success of Usher and Mariah Carey. He made it clear that you can't just force a bunch of people on a project and expect it to gel if they don't get along with each other. This is true whether it's in dealing with management, or it is in the studio dealing with producers on your project. The right candidate for "good management" will match up with whatever you need to improve your career and improve the overall chance of the project succeeding. They will not make decisions or "moves" based on situations that are not in your best interest. You also have to be able to have a reliable trusting relationship with the manager and management team. So, all in all, please take time to think all of these things through before you go and sign with someone that comes along promising the moon and stars.


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