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DJ Emperor Searcy

The method to staying successful and focused is to not forget the formula that allowed you to get where you are. If it was the grind, hard work and dedication that helped to get you there - then you can't stop that grind. You have to continue to have the same hunger that you had from day one. I think that is what allows me to stay so focused and continue to be successful.

My own success as a dj came with a plan. There always needs to be a plan. In that plan, there needs to be an outline of hard work, dedication, determination, drive, devotion, commitment, and goals. My own break as a dj came from that type of plan. The same desire to dj when I started is still there, too. I still continue to dj clubs several nights a week, as I did when I began.

For those that want to get into the biz as a producer or dj, they need to continue to study and work on there craft as does everyone else in any other field. For a producer / dj, this industry is always changing, so it's important to continue to make music and collaborations with other artist. Unless you know someone in the music industry that really loves your style & beats, and that will then help get you on (a project), the best thing to do is to collaborate with others that are also on the come-up; get on a few Mix CDs to get the extra buzz, and hit the underground scenes to check out other artist. An artist needs a producer as a producer needs an artist. As a dj, the key is to continue to hit the scene with the newest, hottest music mixed with a lil' technique until "you are the scene." Then continue to do whatever it is that gave you the following, once you get it...all while continuing to work on your craft.

 Being a dj allows you to keep up with what's hot and what's not! It also allows you to hear the track behind the song, which allows a better blend of mixes from one song to the next song. Being able to hear different tracks, and the extra bells and whistles that are added - enables a dj to put together tracks that are just as hot. Not to say that only Djs have an ear, but Djs spin and get a chance to hear and "see reactions" to different songs and beats first - whether it's their own material or someone else's. Djs can then take that knowledge and put together some pretty hot material. It may not happen at first, and it may not be the right formula in the beginning, but if he stays at it - he can be successful in the two.


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