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Is an E-Blast Really Beneficial To Artists, Producers & Companies?


We are a production/artist development company. The email blasts are very beneficial to our bottom line. If you can get a 15,000-subscriber e-blast out to the customers with viable content, these tools are the very important and effective for any business. As a matter of fact I am going to the Paypal link right now to purchase the Music Powers e-blast service, and then watch my Paypal account reward me for being a smart business man. This is the new industry...A Major Record Deal? Who needs that with tools likes this?  "The game has changed" DONT SLEEP!


 - G. Preston Tyiir

Manager for Kajmir Royale

"The Internet's Top Beat Maker"


There are producers who use the Music Powers email blast ...and I KNOW that it works for them to get new clients. And you see them repeatedly using the service too. Some think that it's for my own or this company's personal interest, but I have not ever met most of these producers. BUT, these guys also have the "chops" to do what they say they can.  Most of these clients are selling beats and tracks, etc…. But many of them also get the attention of other Managers and A&Rs that may open the email blast sent out. There are many high-profile industry people, attorneys, managers, and radio people that open our emails... so you never know who might be checking the blast out.


- Cirocco


As a purchaser of a few email and DJ blasts, I have to say it's been very beneficial to my label. We've gotten many shows, added to several radio stations, as well as being added to a lot of Mixtapes by DJs, including mass amount of new fans.
- Retro - Upper Echelon Entertainment


E-blasts are definitely beneficial, and much cheaper than paying for ad space on radio or TV. If the e-blast is from a company with a good reputation, then the majority of people subscribed to the e-blast will open it. Many e-blasts I am subscribed to actually feature multiple artists, and I usually go to their MySpace pages to check out their material. As we move further into the digital age, mass distribution through electronic means will become more paramount to the survival of this industry!.
- Marcus Manderson
Top Notch Productionz


Email blasts are high tech digital bulk mail. You have to first understand the advertising science behind bulk mailing to really determine if e-blasts should be a tool in your marketing arsenal. Bulk mailing has certain advantages, the most significant being that it can be tailored to a specific or targeted group of recipients often referred to as qualified prospects.

Any advertising and promotions tool has to be kept in perspective as to its function. Radio is good for things that have time sensitivity like announcing a grand opening or a sale or concert event. Television is good for visual recognition, credibility--"seeing is believing" and building up the image of your brand in the mind. Billboards are good as a quick reminder reinforcement of your message you already have running on other media. Magazines are good for retention of your message because people can refer back to it often, which improves their recall of your product, or it gets passed along to another reader. All of this together influences someone to try or buy your product.

If you are expecting a very high response rate on blasts (10, 20 or 50 percent reaction) because it goes directly to someone's inbox, and you don't get it, then you will feel that e-blasts are a waste of money. But, now ask yourself what is the return rate on the 5000 flyers with your Myspace, or a download link on it that you have spread around town for the cost? Which is the better value? --5000 flyers for $100 dollars (plus shipping) that you spread around town (+gas, +labor), or 15k to 150,000 e-blast bi-weekly for $50+? It's all relative.

E-blasts have a place in your ad budget. Do your homework on what you are getting for your money. Check on which messages get you the best response and change up accordingly. Not all blasts are equal, same as not all radio stations are equal.

For cost and flexibility I give blasts the “thumbs up”. You have to understand how to use them best. You can't make anyone listen to or read your ad message but you can increase your chances that it will happen when done right.


 Shout out to the Music Powers e-blast service, which has gotten me same day responses to my promo messages because they have a well-qualified contact list that is a match for the types of programs I do, which is why I use them.
~Bama Hip Hop

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