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Professional Demo Review Service

The Service includes:

·         A Professional review by our company’s staff.

·         You will be sent a letter after review, along with suggestions (if any).

·         Demos will be evaluated with detailed analysis of Song, Structure, Production, Performance, Commercial appeal (if applicable), Mix, and Overall Sound Quality.

The Benefits?

Our demo and music review service will either let you know if you're on the right track, or if there is more work needed.


This way, before you start spending more and more money to re-mix songs, re-cut vocals and other instrumental parts, plus the cost that is attached with mailing out songs to labels, artists, production companies and publishers – you can use our service to get a great idea of other critical components that may be needed or fixed or thought about before moving forward.  Basically it’s Professional Feedback.

Because we receive too many unsolicited demos to possibly have time to administrate, listen, and give feedback for everything that comes in, the $15 fee is a way for you to get a guaranteed review and feedback.

For demo submissions that we believe to be exceptional – we may be interested in shopping your material to labels, film, tv, gaming industry and publishers (on a commission basis).

Note:  Because of the amount of time taken to review each and every music submission (that has paid the processing fee), please allow up to 3 weeks to hear a response from us via mail, email and/or phone.


For demo/music submissions, please send your best material, bio, photo, and money order or check.

$15 for 1 song or $30 for 3 songs
Note: We are currently only reviewing Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rap, and Urban Styles of music.

Send to:

D.A.M.G. LLC. (MP Review)

P.O. BOX 18571


Please include all of your contact information; Name, email, website, and phone.

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