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There are producers and artists that I occasionally hear from (or hear about), and many of these great creative people have been hit pretty hard with some of the business and tax realities, and financial challenges that come with success in the music industry. So, If you are making money in the music business, whether it be from grinding up and down the road, to finally getting those great “all-in” advances for your productions, you will need an accountant on your team or crew to help save you the grief that comes with poor financial planning.


A great business manager will know how to help you set up your budgets and advances when they come in so that you or your company actually makes the best of the money through different types of accounts, like money market accounts, etc.  Roger Neal Smith, a Los Angeles financial expert once told me, “Artists and producers, who regularly get budgets, need to learn to make their money work better for them.”

Music Powers has contacts for many of the best and most reputable CPA - Accounting firms and business managers in Atlanta, GA., Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY. that can handle your music & entertainment tax preparation, planning, audits, finance management, loans, etc.  And the Music Powers 24K website has more.  Every record producer, recording artist, songwriter and indie label needs to have great accounting & business management, and the Music Powers book has a select list of many of the best. And the 24k site includes regions like Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Nashville, Ohio, Detroit, Washington and more.

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